Junior Social Butterfly

Junior Social Butterfly badge

The Social Butterfly badge is part of the “It's Your Story - Tell It!” badge set introduced in 2011.

For the badges released in 2011, scouts must complete all of the activities listed to earn the badge.

Activity #1: Hold a conversationEdit

We wrote down conversation ideas for talking to: (1) a kid you don't know, and (2) an adult you don't know very well. For the adult, I asked what questions they might ask if they were having lunch with their school Vice Principal. Girls took turns writing down the questions on a dry erase board.

Activity #2: Use table mannersEdit

How to set a tableEdit

  • Place setting diagram

Tables manners from around the worldEdit

Instead of talking about what TO do at the table, the girls found it more interesting to list what you should NOT do at the table.

Basic Table Manner:

  • Elbow Placement. Elbows on the table are fine when you’re not eating. What you don’t want to do is use your elbow as a fulcrum for bringing food to your mouth. Wrists on the table are always OK.
  • Using the Right Fork. Work from the outside in: salad fork to dessert fork.
  • Digging In. Wait until everyone has been served or the host gives you the green light. If there’s a large number of people or a buffet, you can begin eating when you get your food. At weddings and in other situations where there's preset food, wait until the host gives you the OK to start.
  • Passing Food. For the first time around the table, dishes should be passed counterclockwise so that the right hand is free for serving. (Sorry, southpaws.) If you’re asked to pass salt or pepper, pass both.
  • Reaching. If you can get the item you need without fully extending your arm, go for it. Otherwise ask to have it passed.
  • Leaving the Table. When you need to step away, say, “Excuse me. I’ll be right back.” No one needs to know the details. Leave your napkin loosely on the table to the left of your plate, not on your seat.

Activity #3: Prepare for a celebrationEdit

Talk about how to prepare for celebrating our Thanksgiving meal: showing people to their seats (placecards), welcome/prayer, clean-up.

Activity #4: Say thank youEdit

Practice how to write a thank-you note for something you have received.

Activity #5: Practice being at easeEdit

Girls will sit with other adults they don't know and practice their conversation skills.