Senses Try-it Graphic

This is a the new version of the retired Senses Try-it. See the page for the retired badge for additional ideas.

Look aroundEdit

Listen to the WorldEdit

Put Your Nose to WorkEdit

Take a Taste TestEdit

Try new foods at the local farmers market.

Touch and FeelEdit

Additional TipsEdit

Meeting plansEdit

  • Meeting Plan. Link to how we earned it at camp. Easily adaptable to a meeting setting.
  • Meeting Plan. Our 3rd Grade Brownies did this Try-it with some Daisies as a joint Bridging Requirement activity (for the Daisies to see what Brownies do, and for the Brownies to show younger girls what they do). We set it up with 5 different stations that groups of girls rotated around. Each station could then be done in 10-15 minutes each all in one meeting with some extra parent helpers at each station.

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