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The Pets Try-it is part of the “It's Your Story - Tell It!” badge set introduced in 2011.

Activity #1: Find Out What Care Different Pets NeedEdit

This is an opportunity for girls to talk about the pets they own. All girls can talk about the different needs that pets have as well as similar needs. While all animals need food, shelter and love, some need less attention than others (for example, cats are much more independent that dogs).

You may want to make a Venn diagram on paper or on the white board of similarities and differences so the girls can have a visual understanding.

Activity #2: Keep a Pet ComfyEdit

Just like humans need a bed, so do cats and dogs. This step is an opportunity to make pet beds for an animal shelter. Before doing this part, check with a local shelter to be certain that they will accept what the girls will be making.

Here are resources on how to make a pet bed:

Make a Cat Pillow

No Sew Pet Bed

No Sew Dog Bed
DIY No Sew Pet Bed

If you are a visual learner, there are a ton of DIY tutorials on how to make one of these no sew projects on YouTube.

Activity #3: Help a Pet Stay Healthy and SafeEdit

While this step is easy for girls who have a pet at home, for those who do not, a trip to the animal shelter will fulfill this requirement.  Girls can ask the workers how they make they keep the animals healthy and safe while they are awaiting adoption.

Activity #4: Make a Pet Feel LovedEdit

Again, a trip to the animal shelter will fulfill this requirement for all of the girls in your troop. In addition, you can make pet toys to bring with you so the animals have something to play with.

Remember YouTube is another great resource for you to utilize!

Here are resources for you to use:

Happy Sock Catnip Toys

33 DIY Pet Toys to Make From Items Around Your House

37 DIY Dog Toys

20 Dog Toys to Make

Homemade Dog Toys

Cat Toys from Empty Toilet Paper Tubes

Activity #5: Feed a PetEdit

Girls who own a pet can make a feeding schedule. For those who do not own one (and for those that do), they can bring cans or bags of cat and dog food to the animal shelter. While they may not be able to feed the animals, they can be sure that their donations are used.