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The Painting Try-it is part of the “Legacy” badge set introduced in 2011.

Activity #1: Get InspiredEdit

Activity #2: Paint the Real WorldEdit

Our troop has both Brownies and Juniors in it. We combined this requirement with the Junior Drawing badge #1 requirement to draw still life pictures. First, the Brownies worked on a #5, Paint a Mural, then we set up 4 still lifes around the room (traditional fruit bowl, some stuffed animals, a pile of spy gear, and some camping equipment with a girl scout vest). The Brownies drew one of these, then went back to a painting station to paint it. The Juniors rotated around the room drawing different still lifes.

Activity #3: Paint a MoodEdit

Our troop listened to different types of music and painting what we felt while listening.

Activity #4: Paint without BrushesEdit

Activity #5: Paint a MuralEdit

We combined this requirements with the Brownie Girl Scout Way Requirement #3, Share Sisterhood, to create a mural of activities they have enjoyed in Girl Scouts so far.

Additional ResourcesEdit