The Outdoor Art Apprentice badge was introduced in 2016.

Explore art outdoorsEdit

Attend a performance held indoors and one outside to compare eachEdit

Record how things change outdoorsEdit

Dig into an artist who is inspired by natureEdit

Make something!Edit

Dye something you can wearEdit

Make nature art out of clayEdit

Make paper that growsEdit

Get to know -- and create -- sounds of natureEdit

Produce outdoor soundsEdit

Create a nature playlistEdit

Write a rap or poem inspired by natureEdit

Be a nature photographerEdit

Photograph patterns and textures in natureEdit

Create an outdoor photo journalEdit

Photograph camouflageEdit

Design with natureEdit

Make something that interacts with weather Edit

Suncatchers Edit

Windsocks Edit

  • Windspirals made with empty water bottles and Sharpie markers.

Sundial Edit


Be a nature architectEdit

Design -- or grow -- a square-foot gardenEdit

Additional ResourcesEdit

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