3 Cheers for Animals (Daisy journey)AMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along (Cadette Journey)AMUSE (Junior Journey)
A World of Girls (Brownie Journey)Adventurer (Senior badge)Agent of Change (Junior Journey)
All About BirdsAll in the Family (Brownie Try-it)Amazing Daisy Promise Center (Daisy petal)
Ambassador First Aid (Ambassador badge)Ambassador Girl Scout Way (Ambassador badge)Ambassadors Badges
Animal Habitats (Junior badge)Animal Helpers (Cadette badge)Animals (Brownie Try-it)
Archery (Cadette badge)Architecture and Environmental DesignAround the World (Brownie Try-it)
Art to Wear (Brownie Try-it)Artistic CraftsBabysitter (Cadette badge)
BackpackingBehind the Ballot (Senior badge)Between Earth and Sky (Daisy journey)
Book Artist (Cadette badge)Book Club patchBreathe (Cadette Journey)
Bridge to Girl Scout BrowniesBridge to Girl Scout Juniors AwardBridging
Bronze AwardBrownie BadgesBrownie First Aid (Brownie Try-it)
Brownie Girl Scout Way (Brownie Try-it)Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World (Brownie Try-it)Brownie Girl Scouts Through the Years (Brownie Try-it)
Brownie Quest (Brownie Journey)Brownie WingsBrownie first aid
Budgeting (Cadette badge)Bugs (Brownie Try-it)Build a Better Future
Building Art (Brownie Try-it)Business Etiquette (Senior badge)Business Owner (Junior badge)
Business Plan (Cadette badge)Buying Power (Senior badge)Cadette Badges
Cadette First Aid (Cadette badge)Cadette Girl Scout Way (Cadette badge)Camper (Junior badge)
CampingCamping (Cadette/Senior IP)Car Care (Senior badge)
Careers (Brownie Try-it)Caring and Sharing (Brownie Try-it)Celebrating Community (Brownie Try-it)
Citizen Near and Far (Brownie Try-it)Clover's Story A Visit to the Busy, Buzzy BeesClover, Use Resources Wisely (Daisy petal)
Coaching (Ambassador badge)Collage (Senior badge)Colors and Shapes (Brownie Try-it)
Comic Artist (Cadette badge)Community Service ProjectsComparison Shopping (Cadette badge)
Computer Expert (Brownie Try-it)Computer Smarts (Brownie Try-it)Cookie CEO (Junior badge)
Cookies Count (Brownie Try-it)Council and Other PatchesCount It Up (Daisy leaf)
CraftsCreative Composing (Brownie Try-it)Cross-Training (Senior badge)
Customer Insights (Junior badge)Customer Loyalty (Senior badge)Daisy Badges
DancerDancer (Brownie Try-it)Dancercize (Brownie Try-it)
Detective (Junior badge)Digital Movie Maker (Cadette badge)Digital Photographer (Junior badge)
Dinner Party (Ambassador badge)DisclaimerDo-si-dos
Drawing (Junior badge)Earth and Sky (Brownie Try-it)Earth is Our Home (Brownie Try-it)
Eat Right, Stay Healthy (Brownie Try-it)Eating for Beauty (Cadette badge)Eco-Explorer (Brownie Try-it)
Entertainment Technology (Junior badge)Entrepreneur (Cadette badge)Explore Sea Turtles patch
Fair Play (Brownie Try-it)Famous Girl ScoutsField Day (Cadette badge)
Financing My Dreams (Cadette badge)Financing My Future (Senior badge)Finding Common Ground (Cadette badge)
Flag ceremoniesFlowers (Junior badge)Friends Are Fun (Brownie Try-it)
Friendship Tree Ceremony - Melissa McHenryGIRLtopia (Senior Journey)GSNC Gold Award Ceremony 2015
GSSC Gold Award Ceremony 2015Game Visionary (Senior badge)Gardener (Junior badge)
Geocacher (Junior badge)Gerri's Story Playing by the RulesGerri, Respect Authority (Daisy petal)
Get Moving (Junior Journey)GirlSports (Brownie Try-it)Girl Scout Ambassadors
Girl Scout BrowniesGirl Scout CadettesGirl Scout Daisies
Girl Scout JuniorsGirl Scout Ranger patchGirl Scout S'mores
Girl Scout SeniorsGirl Scout Ways (Brownie Try-it)Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of the USAGive Back (Brownie Try-it)Gloria's Story: A Surprise for Lily
Gloria, Respect Myself and Others (Daisy petal)Gold AwardGold Award, Silver Award, and Bronze Award
Good Credit (Ambassador badge)Good Sportsmanship (Cadette badge)Healthy Habits (Brownie Try-it)
Her Story (Brownie Try-it)Hiker:(Brownie Try-it)Hiker (Brownie Try-it)
History of ScoutingHobbies (Brownie Try-it)Home Scientist
Home Scientist (Brownie Try-it)Horseback Riding (Junior badge)Household Elf:(Brownie Try-it)
Household Elf (Brownie Try-it)Independence (Junior badge)Inside Government (Junior badge)
Inventor (Brownie Try-it)Investiture ceremoniesJeweler (Junior badge)
Junior Aide (Junior Award)Junior BadgesJunior First Aid (Junior badge)
Junior Girl Scout Way (Junior badge)Kaper ChartsKatie Lenz
Leaders ConnectionsLeave No TraceLet's Pretend (Brownie Try-it)
Letterboxer (Brownie Try-it)Listening to the Past (Brownie Try-it)Locavore (Senior badge)
Lupe, Honest and Fair (Daisy petal)Lupe’s Story A Fair Turn in the Flower GardenLynbrook Girl Scouts awarded highest honor
Make gamesMake it, Eat it (Brownie Try-it)Making Choices (Daisy leaf)
Making FriendsMaking Friends (Brownie Try-it)Making Games (Brownie Try-it)
Making Music (Brownie Try-it)Manners (Brownie Try-it)Mari's Story Keeping a Cupcake Promise
Mari, Responsible for What I Say and Do (Daisy petal)Marketing (Cadette badge)Math Fun (Brownie Try-it)
Me and My Shadow (Brownie Try-it)Media (Cadette Journey)Meet My Customers (Brownie Try-it)
Melissa McHenryMoney Counts (Daisy leaf)Money Manager (Brownie Try-it)
Movers (Brownie Try-it)Museums and Other Places with Scout ProgramsMusician (Junior badge)
My Best Self (Brownie Try-it)My Body (Brownie Try-it)My Family Story (Brownie Try-it)
My Great Day:(Brownie Try-it)My Great Day (Brownie Try-it)My Own Badge (Brownie Try-it)
My Portfolio (Senior badge)Netiquette (Cadette badge)New Cuisines (Cadette badge)
Night Owl (Cadette badge)Novelist (Senior badge)Numbers & Shapes (Brownie Try-it)
On My Own (Ambassador badge)Our Own Council's (Brownie Try-it)Outdoor Adventurer (Brownie Try-it)
Outdoor Adventurer (Brownie Try-it) - RetiredOutdoor Art Apprentice (Cadette badge)P & L (Ambassador badge)
Paddling (Senior badge)PaintingPainting (Brownie Try-it)
Painting (Brownie Try-it)(Old Version)Penny Power (Brownie Try-it)People Are Talking (Brownie Try-it)
People of the World (Brownie Try-it)Pets (Brownie Try-it)Philanthropist (Brownie Try-it)
Photographer (Ambassador badge)Plants (Brownie Try-it)Plants and Animals (Brownie Try-it)
Playing around the World (Brownie Try-it)Playing the Past (Junior badge)Point, Click, and Go (Brownie Try-it)
Policies and ProceduresPotter:(Brownie Try-it)Potter (Brownie Try-it)
Practice with Purpose (Junior badge)Product Designer (Junior badge)Public Policy (Ambassador badge)
Public Speaker (Cadette badge)Puppets, Dolls, and Plays (Brownie Try-it)Ready, Set, Go Camping (Brownie Try-it)
Rebecca TredwellRededicationResearch and Development (Ambassador badge)
Room Makeover (Senior badge)Rosie, Make the World a Better Place (Daisy petal)Rosie’s Story A Better Beach for Everyone
Safety Award (Daisy award)Safety Award (Junior)Safety Sense (Brownie Try-it)
Samantha KordesSamoasSavannah Smiles
Savvy Shopper (Junior badge)ScholarshipsScience Wonders (Brownie Try-it)
Science in Action (Brownie Try-it)Science of Happiness (Cadette badge)Science of Style (Senior badge)
Scouts Honor WikiScreenwriter (Cadette badge)Scribe (Junior badge)
Senior First Aid (Senior badge)Senior Girl Scout Way (Senior badge)Seniors Badges
SensesSenses (Brownie Try-it)Senses (Brownie Try-it)(Retired)
Silver AwardSimple Meals (Junior badge)Sky (Senior badge)
Smart Cookie (Brownie Try-it)Snacks (Brownie Try-it)Social Butterfly (Junior badge)
Social Innovator (Senior badge)Sounds of Music (Brownie Try-it)Space Explorer (Brownie Try-it)
Special Agent (Cadette badge)Sports and Games (Brownie Try-it)Starting a New Troop
Staying Fit (Junior badge)Stitch it Together (Brownie Try-it)Studio 2B
Sunny's Story - A Warm Welcome for SuzySunny, Friendly and Helpful (Daisy petal)Take-Action and Community Service Project ideas
Talk It Up (Daisy leaf)Textile Artist (Senior badge)Thin Mints
Think Big (Cadette badge)Thinking DayTrailblazing (Cadette badge)
TravelTravel Right (Brownie Try-it)Traveler (Senior badge)
Trees (Cadette badge)TrefoilsTroop Crests
Troop MeetingsTroop WebsitesTroupe Performer (Senior badge)
Truth Seeker (Senior badge)Tula's Story Standing Up for DarlaTula, Courageous and Strong (Daisy petal)
Ultimate Recreate Challenge (Ambassador badge)Vi's Story; Friends around the WorldVi, Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout (Daisy petal)
Voice for Animals (Senior badge)WOW Wonders of Water (Brownie Journey)Watching Wildlife (Brownie Try-it)
Water (Ambassador badge)Water Everywhere (Brownie Try-it)Wave the Flag (Brownie Try-it)
Website Designer (Senior badge)Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden (Daisy journey)Women's Health (Senior badge)
Woodworker (Cadette badge)Working It Out (Brownie Try-it)Write Away (Brownie Try-it)
Zinni's Story The Art of SharingZinni, Considerate and Caring (Daisy petal)