The seven principles of "Leave No Trace" for outdoor adventures are:

Plan Ahead and PrepareEdit

Know the regulations and concerns for the area you'll visit.

Travel and Camp on Durable SurfacesEdit

Stick to trails and remember, good campsites are found, not made.

Dispose of Waste ProperlyEdit

Pack it in, pack it out.

Leave What You FindEdit

Leave rocks, plants, and other natural objects as you find them.

Minimize Campfire ImpactsEdit

Where fires are permitted, use established fire rings.

Respect WildlifeEdit

Observe wildlife from a distance and never feed them.

Be Considerate of Other VisitorsEdit

Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.

Additional ResourcesEdit

  • Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids (PEAK). This is a Girl Scout partnership with REI to promote environmental awareness. This program offers workshops, clinics, and other learning tools. Information is available on the Girl Scouts of the USA website and on the [ Leave No Trace] website.

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