Junior First Aid

Junior First Aid badge

The Junior First Aid badge is part of the “Legacy” badge set introduced in 2011. It replaces the retired First Aid badge.

For the badges released in 2011, scouts must complete all of the activities listed to earn the badge.

Activity #1: Learn the First Steps To Take in an EmergencyEdit

Activity #2: Talk to First RespondersEdit

Call your local fire station and ask if they have an outreach program. Ours did and were very willing to come out and talk to the girls.

Activity #3: Make a Portable First Aid KitEdit

Sample first aid kits to make:

Activity #4: Find out How to Handle Urgent First Aid IssuesEdit

We asked our First Responder speakers to talk about this. They also covered choking for the Daisies.

Activity #5: Know How to Take Care of Someone Who's SickEdit

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Meeting PlansEdit

Meeting plan. Our mixed-level troop did a combination of the Daisy Safety badge, the Brownie First Aid badge, and the Junior First Aid badge. We asked an EMT team from our local fire station to come to our meeting. They were more than happy to come -- they have a special outreach program that this type of activity falls under. Two EMTs came (a woman and a man). They talked about what they do on the job, answers a lot of questions from the girls, and gave a tour of their ambulance. They girls loved getting a chance to walk through and then get on the stretcher. Afterward, the girls broke up into their separate levels and went over other badge requirements.

Other resourcesEdit

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