Junior Jeweler

Junior Jeweler badge

The Jeweler badge is part of the “XXX” badge set introduced in 2011. It replaces the retired Jeweler badge.

For the badges released in 2011, scouts must complete all of the activities listed to earn the badge.

Please add ideas to customize the activities and other useful resources below.

Activity #1: Get to know the tools of the tradeEdit

Oriental Trading has a very inexpensive, but pretty sturdy package of jewelry tools. and also a whole kit that can be used mulitple times.

Activity #2: Make jewelry with metalEdit

We were lucky that one scout's father worked part time at a jewelry making school. He had the troop come in one evening when there were no other classes going on, and showed us the tools of the trade and how to make our own silver rings. Some girls chose to make theirs using a device to stamp a pattern on the side. A few decided to hammer theirs out on an anvil.

Activity #3: Turn everyday objects into jewelryEdit

Activity #4: Create jewelry inspired by another cultureEdit

Make Egyptian cartouches out of Sculpey. The girls had fun making cartouches out of Sculpey. One square of Sculpey was enough for the girls to make 2 or items. They made one for themselves, and for Activity #5 made a second one for someone else (e.g., for mom for Mother's Day). I brought in print outs of the Egyptian heiroglyphics alphabet from for each girl to use, the Sculpey, some plastic knives, a plastic rolling pin (actually a play one), and some bamboo skewers to write the heiroglyphics with (you could also just toothpicks). You can buy Sculpey at most local craft stores (A.C. Moore, Michael's, etc.). It is a clay-like product that comes in dozens of colors that you can bake in a regular oven. It only takes 15 minutes to bake at 275 degrees.

Activity #5: Make a sparkling giftEdit

One easy way to do this is for the girls to make an extra piece from one of the activities above. We had them make extra cartouches for Mother's Day.

Additional ResourcesEdit

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