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The Give Back Try-it is part of the “Cookie Business” badge set introduced in 2011.

Activity #1: Find Out about Businesses That Give BackEdit

Start a conversation with your troop about giving back. What does it mean to you? What kinds of things have you done as Girl Scouts to give back to the community? Did you participate in April Showers as a Daisy? Talk to or research a local business that gives back money to your community.

Activity #2: Set a Giving GoalEdit

Brainstorm different organizations within your community where you might like to donate some of your cookie money. Do you want to care for homeless animals? Do you want to help feed the hungry? After you have picked somewhere to give back to, set a goal of a dollar amount that you would like to donate to the chosen charity. When that number is set, figure how many packages of cookies you have to sell to donate money to your charity.

Once that is complete, you can make a giant, colorful poster stating the charity and goal.

Activity #3: Involve Your CustomersEdit

Now that you have a goal and know what you need to do to work toward that goal, ask your cookie customers if they have any good ideas how your troop can help improve the community. You can carry around a small notebook while selling cookies and write down cookie customer’s ideas. These ideas will make a great discussion topic for a future meeting, too!

Activity #4: Practice Giving BackEdit

Another way cookie customers can help give back would be to ask if they would like to buy an extra package of cookies to donate to a local food bank. At the next meeting, bring a notebook full of ideas to help the community. Discuss these ideas and see what else you can do to help give back!

Activity #5: Tell Your Cookie Customers How They HelpedEdit

Finally, make sure you follow up with your cookie customers. Write notes, cards or emails letting customers know how they helped.

Additional ResourcesEdit