Junior Drawing

Junior Drawing badge

The Drawing badge is part of the “Legacy” badge set introduced in 2011. It replaces the retired Drawing and Painting badge.

For the badges released in 2011, scouts must complete all of the activities listed to earn the badge.

Activity #1: Experiment with different materialsEdit

Our troop has both Brownies and Juniors in it. We combined this requirement with the Brownie Painting Try-it Requirement #2 to paint a still life. We set up 4 still lifes around the room (traditional fruit bowl, some stuffed animals, a pile of spy gear, and some camping equipment with a girl scout vest). The Brownies drew one of these, then went back to a painting station to paint it. The Juniors rotated around the room drawing different still lifes.

Activity #2: Learn how to add shadingEdit

Look up Zentangles on the web. Pinterest, in particular, has links to lot of tutorials showing how to add shading to your designs:

Activity #3: Get some perspectiveEdit

How One-Point Linear Perspective Works11:56

How One-Point Linear Perspective Works

From Khan Academy

Not sure how to draw in perspective? There are a lot of online tutorials to use:

Activity #4: Use your imagination like a graphic artistEdit

  • Write to Fright and find your inner monster. This requirement could potentially be combined with the Scribe badge Requirement #3. “Monsterfy” your name, come up with a “scaritage” (heritage), and draw a picture of your “monsterfied” selves.

Activity #5: Make your masterpiece - and show it off!Edit

We are posting the girls' artwork on our troop website, plus saving some of it to exhibit at our End of Year Ceremony.

Meeting PlansEdit

Additional ResourcesEdit

  • Zen doodling. The girls might find Zen doodling fun to try. Here's a tutorial.

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