Please add ways to customize the Brownie Girl Scouts Through the Years Try-it activities here, and include useful resources below. This Try-it was retired in 2011, but scouts can still complete it, if they have the requirements.

As with all Brownie Try-its, scouts need to complete 4 activities to earn the badge.


My Daisy/Brownie troop is working on this as a way to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts of the USA. We are having some of our scouts' grandmas who were scouts when they were young come to lead the program. They will talk about what they did as scouts, and how they talked and dressed. Not all of them were in scouts at the same time or even the same part of the country, so the girls will get different perspectives, which is great. The girls will then break into three different stations to: (1) learn some songs the grandmas used to sing; (2) play some games they used to play; and (2) make a snack from the past. The grandmas seem very excited to come and work with their granddaughters!

Activity #1 MealsEdit

Activity #2 ClothesEdit

Activity #3 EntertainmentEdit

Games to PlayEdit

  • Drop the Handkerchief (1950s). With the girls in a circle, one girl walks around the outside of the circle and drops the handkerchief (or bandana) behind person. That person then has to pick up the handkerchief and chase the dropper. If she catches the dropper, the dropper goes out of the circle (and the circle gets smaller). If she doesn't catch dropper before the dropper gets back to the now open space in the circle, the new girl becomes the dropper. The game can continue for a set number of cycles, or until all of the girls are outside of the circle.
  • Poor Pussy (1950s). With the girls in a circle, the girl who is "It" kneels down in front of one of the girls and acts like a kitten, meows, etc. If the girl giggles (which they almost always do), the new girl is It. If she doesn't giggle the kitty moves on to someone else until someone giggles.

Activity #4 Sing a songEdit

The web is full of girl scout lyrics.

Activity #5 Language of the timesEdit

Activity #6 Service to othersEdit

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