The Agent of Change Journey is part of the "It's Your World—Change It!" series.

The JourneyEdit

Power of OneEdit

  • Do some words make you feel like you can do anything? Draw, paint, or make a collage of your “power words” on these Power Pennants.

Power of TeamEdit

  • Make a cup pyramid. Take a rubber band and add multiple strings tied to it (a string for each girl, or if you have a large troop, multiple rubberbands). Each girl holds a string around the rubberband circle. Then, as a team, the girls need to move the cups into a pyramid with three cups on bottom, then two cups, and one on top.

Power of CommunityEdit

Fun FactsEdit

Additional ResourcesEdit





Take-Action Project ideasEdit

Having trouble figuring out possible Take-Action projects? Look for ideas on the Take Action Project ideas page.

  • Girl Scout Junior Troop 80342 hosted a Badge Day] for all Pembroke Girl Scout Brownies on March 31st. The Juniors set up five science experiment stations. The Brownies got to make handmade ice cream, create tie-dye milk, use static electricity to make salt and pepper dance, blow up balloons without using their breath, and make raisins dance in liquid. The Brownies earned the Home Scientist Badge for their efforts. The Juniors completed their Agent of Change Journey Award by planning and hosting the event. All the girls had a terrific day while learning about science.

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