The goal of the "A World of Girls" Journey is to have fun exploring how stories and games can link them to the wide world of girls – and how they belong to this wide world of girls, too!

Remember, you don't have to follow the books and guides to the letter. Kids like to move and do things, not have too much discussion and homework. Some is necessary, but if you do too much of it, they will lose interest! As long as they understand the main point of the badges, they have earned them.

To keep the "schoolwork" time to a minimum, we've read the story part of the journeys at the end of meetings as cool-down, calm-down sessions. Our meetings are in the evenings, so this is also like a bedtime story.

Thinking Day. It might work to incorporate some of the journey activities into a Thinking Day celebration. Our Service Unit has a celebration every year for this, selecting different continent each year with troops signing up for particular countries on that continent. Troops usually bring some food from that country and put up a display board about it. Girls get passports when they come in and get them stamped at each table. Troops usually put on a skit or sing a song from their countries.

To make it more relevant to the journey, troops could do something at their displays to teach girls about a story or folk tale from their countries -- short games, listen to a quick story, learn a song, do a craft related to the story, etc.

Our Thinking Day celebration in 2013 ended with a great friendship circle with more than 150 girls in it!

Pen Pals Finding pen pals for scouts would be a great way to learn and connect with girls around the world. GSUSA and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) does not have a system set up for connecting scouts and guides for pen pals, but you may be able find information on the individual member organizations' websites. The WAGGGS website has a list of member websites to go to. From these pages, you can link to individual country websites to research pen pal programs. If there is a postal secretary listed, the country probably has a pen pal program. For example, the Girl Guides of Scotland have a contact on their website. In addition, many Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have made connections via the Facebook group by posting requests to the group.

It may be challenging if you have a larger troop, to find a similar size troop overseas to correspond with. If you have trouble with this, it might be fun, and even more interesting, if the girls (or teams of girls) got pen pals in different countries, then reported back to the troop about what they learn from their pen pals. They could look for pen pals from a country their ancestors came from or somewhere else that they are interested in learning more about.

Hear a StoryEdit

Brownies see that stories hold clues for how to better the world.

Games from around the WorldEdit

Active GamesEdit

Banyoka from Zambia and Zaire. (mentioned in the A World of Girls Leaders Guide). A game played outdoors among the rocks and trees by the Bemba tribe who lived in what is now both Zambia and the southern part of Zaire. Banyoka means "the snakes". This is played on the ground around an obstacle course. It can be played indoors (with furniture, pillows, boxes, slopes such as wheel chair ramps, etc.) or outdoors (with bushes, trees, large rocks, playground equipment, hills, etc.). Outdoors, of course, may be harder on the seat of the pants! Players can be in one or more teams with the scouts sitting one behind the other on the ground, legs spread around the person in front of you, and hands placed on the shoulders of the player in front, or arms wrapped around the waist. Each 'snake' of players scoots (or slithers), swaying back and forth. They can sing a song as they go. The object is to reach a designated finish line first while remaining connected.

Chinese Jump Rope. You can usually pick these up cheap at toy stores or even some dollar stores. It takes at least 3 girls at a time to play, so depending on how big your troop is, you may want more than one. Or you could do games in stations with teams of girls rotating around the stations.

Escargot Hopscotch from France. This is hopscotch in a spiral design, like a snail.

Quieter GamesEdit

Kudoda from Zimbabwe. This game is like jacks. Two players sit in a circle and place a metal bowl with ~20 small stones in it in the center. To play, each player in turn takes one stone and throws it into the air, then tries to grab as many pebbles from the bowl as he can before catching the thrown stone in his hand. If he doesn't catch the thrown stone, all of the other stones get places back in the bowl. Each player has a turn until all of the stones have been used. The player with the most stones wins.


Fruit Flight. From, bring in fruits from around the world for the girls to try.

Change a StoryEdit

Brownies realize they have the power to change things for the better for girls in the world.

Find out more about women who have changed their world:

Tell a StoryEdit

Brownies have the confidence and knowledge to educate and inspire others.

Better World for Girls!Edit

Brownies understand they belong to a large and far-reaching world of girls.


Take-Action Project ideasEdit

Having trouble figuring out possible Take-Action projects? Look for ideas on the Take Action Project ideas page.

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