The aMUSE Journey is part of the "It's Your Story—Tell It!" series.

The JourneyEdit

Reach Out!Edit

  • Look at the Inspiring Women timeline on the Girl Scout website. Click on some of the women to see short biographies about how they have taken action and made our world a better place.
  • Play the Character Card Game. Print out the cards on this website, have the girls pick a card and pretend they are the people they pick. Describe who this person is and how they can be a role model.
  • Twirl the Scene Spinner to create a fun scene you can act out with your friends.
  • Play a game of Mirror, Mirror with friends to find out who you are and who you want to become!


Speak Out!Edit


Try Out!Edit


Fun FactsEdit

Additional ResourcesEdit

Arts and Crafts




  • Yes She Can. Our girls loved singing the Yes She Can song as part of their performance to the parents sharing what they learned in their journey.


  • [A Mighty Girl]. Check out A Mighty Girl website for lots of fiction and non-fiction stories about girls and women who make their world a better place.

Take-Action Project ideasEdit

Having trouble figuring out possible Take-Action projects? Look for ideas on the Take Action Project ideas page.

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